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Pixer v3.1.0 - React Laravel Multivendor Digital Marketplace

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Pixer – React Laravel Multivendor is a digital eCommerce Marketplace script implemented based on Laravel, React, Next JS, and Tailwind CSS. It is one of the fastest and most secure digital assets selling E-commerce app. It’s very easy to use, we have used axios and react-query for data fetching. You can set up your API endpoints very easily and your frontend team will love using it. It has REST API support.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/pixer-react-laravel-multivendor-digital-marketplace/36383345


  • Laravel
  • React
  • NextJS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • React Query
  • TypeScript

Storefront Features:

  • Complete Authentication
  • Quick add to cart
  • Async full text search
  • Category based item filtering
  • Omnipay supported [ Stripe ]
  • User Account settings
  • My order
  • React, Next & Tailwind based
  • Next SEO supported
  • SEO friendly

Admin Features:

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Manage Product
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Product Type
  • Manage Order
  • Manage Order Status
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Taxes
  • Store Settings
  • Built with React, Next & Tailwind

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Change log

v3.1.0 [17 January 2023]

- Added RazorPay Payment Gateway & Mollie Payment Gateway
- Fixed  top author not found Issue
- Fixed dark mode  progress status text color issue
- Fixed  Explore page free items sorting issue
- RazorPay  & Mollie Payment Gateway documentation

v3.0.0 [05 January 2023]

Caution! Breaking Changes!

- Upgrade API to laravel 9
- Restructure the entire payment gateway system
- Added Stripe (Intent Based) and PayPal payment gateway
- Added card management feature
- Removed omnipay packages
- Added support for status-based inventory management option
- Added balance dispatch option based on status
- Fixed docker zip extension issue
- Fixed excel package cache issue
- Fixed user block and vendor inactive issue
- Fixed blank order created issue
- Fixed single-order issue
- Fixed maximum question limit issue

v2.3.0 [22 November 2022]

- Added automated script for deployment
- Documentation updated

v2.2.0 [27 October 2022]

- Added product slug edit feature
- Fixed profile update issue
- Fixed wallet points order issue
- Fixed order fail issue
- Fixed user block and vendor inactive issue
- Fixed blank order created issue
- Fixed repeated new user wallet add issue for OTP login
- Fixed negative subtotal for coupon

v2.1.0 [27 September 2022]

- Added language-based carting
- Fixed composer v2 package installation issue
- Fixed the latest docker Invalid template issue
- Fixed vendor shop page URL issue
- Fixed product status overlapping issue
- Fixed product export button URL issue
- Fixed contact us responsive issue
- Fixed privacy and help menu issue
- Fixed RTL global search position issue
- Fixed RTL question search issue
- Fixed wishlist issue
- Fixed dashboard recent withdrawal issue
- Fixed admin profile image update issue

v2.0.0 [14 August 2022]

Caution! Breaking Changes!

- Introduced Multilingual feature
- Added RTL design
- Added logo upload option
- Added promotional slider image upload option
- Fixed dashboard recent withdrawal issue
- Fixed vendor item edit path issue
- Fixed translation text issue
- Fixed add new address issue at backend booking
- Fixed invoice issue for Unicode language
- Fixed Unicode product slug issue
- Fixed file upload security issue
- Fixed backend order address responsive issue
- Fixed few minor bugs

v1.1.1 [24 May 2022]

- Fixed product popup responsive issues.

v1.1.0 [23 May 2022]

- Introduced Review support for products
- Introduced Question and Answer support for products
- Introduced Report abusive review
- Introduced Review Feedback
- Introduced Q&A Feedback
- Introduced Wishlist support
- Introduced follow-following for authors
- Introduced order export support
- Introduced my question page
- Introduced my report page
- Introduced my wishlist page
- Introduced feed page
- Introduced followed authors page
- Fixed withdraw form balance issue
- Fixed category create issue
- Fixed export-import issue
- Fixed zip upload placeholder issue
- Fixed single product image issue
- Fixed free item query issue
- Fixed file download link issue

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