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Fuse V14.2.0 - Angular 13+ Admin Template latest Version

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Fuse - Template for managing Angular and Starter Project
Fuse V14.2.0 - Angular 13+ Admin Template latest Version - Fuse is a modular, multi-layout management template for Angular with custom application and page layouts, user interface elements, and user interface best practices.

A multi-format layout allows you to use multiple layout templates without making major changes to the overall structure of the template. It also allows you to use a different format for each route.

Setting a different route layout makes Fuse very flexible because it allows you to have any type of page design within the same code base. For example, you can have a main administration application, a landing page, and validate pages within the same code base without constantly hiding / showing formatting elements such as navigation, headers, or footers.

General features
Fully built with TailwindCSS.
Modular design.
Many layouts.
Possibility to set a different layout for each route.
Pre-built and ready to use application and site designs. Ready to use page layout.
Custom components for specific use cases on the administrator panel.
Starting the project is included for quick progress.
Full Angular Material theme support with custom colors.
Supports dark and light color schemes. The main libraries
Square material components
Application designs
Fuse offers application designs with various uses. These tools are for demonstration purposes and show what you can do with your application designs.

Recorded applications

Project dashboard
Analytics panel
File manager
Help Center
Taken over
Fuse provides clean and consistent site designs to help you create beautiful content. Some site designs also come with different variations, such as verification and pricing pages.

Including pages

Testimony pages
Log in
Log in
Log in
forgotten password
Change Password
Unlock the session
Confirmation required
It's almost there
Use of existing corner projects
Because Fuse is a template and startup project, it is created as the beginning of your project. It cannot be accidentally installed and used in an existing project, such as a third-party library.

Although it is still possible to use Fuse on any existing Angular project, it will require more work than interconnecting everything. We strongly recommend that you start your project with Fuse or move your project to get the best experience.

Browser support
Fuse supports all modern browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge Chromium. Post Chromium Edge versions, IE11 and lower are NOT supported!

We are open to all kinds of suggestions. If you have any ideas that you would like to see on Fuse, please let us know. Based on your suggestions, we'll try to improve the template.

Fuse is not a normal HTML template; it is an Angular template and should be used in Angular. Please make sure you use Angular Fuse before purchasing.

his support
Use our support system for your support requests. We will get back to you within 48 hours on weekdays. Your request is limited, so be patient and provide us with as much information as possible so that we can respond quickly and find a solution to your problem.

Requests for support made through case comments, social media and other media will not be answered.

Change the protocol
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