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eShop v3.0.6 - eCommerce Single Vendor App | Shopping eCommerce App with Flutter

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eShop is a eCommerce app that offers hundreds of business application easily with single code base.


Version 3.0.5

( updated on 18-Aug-2022 )

+ Added web-hook for each payment gateway
+ Added Custom Notification Text (you can set notification text in any language and any format)
+ Added Sales Report in admin panel and Seller panel
+ Added Payment Method filter on Order section of admin panel
+ Added Send notification to a specific user
+ Added Multi-language option in Admin panel
+ Added 2 Sections based on User Interaction (Customer Application)
+ You Are looking for: Here the product will be shown which the user has seen (on the Product Details page)
+ You Might Also Like : Here the product will be shown based on user search history (on Homescreen)
+ Improvements and Issue Fixed

<h3 id="item-description__version-3-0-3">Version 3.0.3</h3><p>( updated on 16-May-2022 ) 
+ Added - pre filled options in made in menu in add/edit product
+ Resolved - Cashback system issue
+ Resolved - bugs
+ Search product from category
+ Added Multiple Language in delivery boy
+ Support RTL Layout in delivery boy
+ Dark/Light theme Added in delivery boy

<h3 id="item-description__version-3-0-2">Version 3.0.2</h3><p>( updated on 14-Apr-2022 ) 
+ Added maintenance mode
+ updated Codeigniter framework to v3.1.13
+ Added notification system in admin panel
+ Added cashback system
+ Added shipping policy & return policy

<h3 id="item-description__version-3-0-1">Version 3.0.1</h3><p>( updated on 14-Mar-2022 ) 
+ Added the currency new separation operators for Decimal numbers and currency number separation to 
support multiple currency systems.
+ Added Picture upload feature in Order feature while placing an order to allow customers to upload
 prescriptions/notes / any other important information.
+ Added already shared Review by a customer in the order details page and customer can update it
 from the order page or from the product details page.
+ Added Available Promo codes section in the Customer App and web to display promo codes/offers.<br />
+ User can check their added note on Order details page
+ Notification navigation from Notification list (Customer app).
+ Offline Favorite<br />
+ Resolved Refund wallet amount and order amount calculation issues.
+ Resolved deliverable zip code issue in checkout.
+ Quantity issue resolved while placing an order
+ Featured section issue resolved
+ Resolved not redirecting issue after login.
+ Code compatible with Flutter 2.10 and Android v12
+ Converted App code from JAVA to Kotlin

<h3 id="item-description__version-3-0-0">Version 3.0.0</h3><p>( updated on 11-Jan-2022 ) 
+ Added support for PHP 8.0 version
+ Added welcome wallet balance feature for the customers while registration
+ Improved APIs for NULL safety
+ Added offline cart feature
+ Improved feature section issues
+ Improved product tax field display in add/edit product like GST(10%)

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-1-1">Version 2.1.1</h3><p>( updated on 21-Nov-2021 ) 
+ Added order note on admin panel and delivery boy panel
+ Admin can cancel the order if bank transfer payment is not done
+ Added Cash collection option in Delivery Boy
+ Icons added on Profile Screen
+ Fixed: Order invoice format issue  
+ Bank transfer attachment issue solved

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-1-0-1">Version</h3><p>( updated on 28-Oct-2021 ) 
+ Added order note on admin panel and delivery boy panel
+ Admin can cancle the order if bank transfer payment is not done
+ Fixed : Order invoice format issue  + Dark mode font color issue + Bank Transfer attachment issue solved

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-1-0">Version 2.1.0</h3><p>( updated on 14-Oct-2021 ) 
+ Upgradewith new UI with Flutter 2.5
+ Implemented order tracking module
+ Added Special note on Place order
+ Fixed featured section search product issue
+ Implemented zipcodes in bulk uplaod
+ Fixed category page issue for unicode languages

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-5-2">Version</h3><p>( updated on 25-Sep-2021 ) 
+ Added Location Bulk Upload options.
+ Implemented direct bank transfer receipt status. so admin can accept or reject the receipt.
+ Added unique identification field for admin to add HSN tax Number while adding/editing the products.
+ Fixed edit address issue.
+ Fixed change password module issue.
+ Fixed product review updating issue.
+ Fixed out of stock message issue.
+ Fixed manager app privacy & policy display issue.

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-5-1">Version</h3><p>( updated on 10-Aug-2021 ) 
+ Home page add to favorite issue resolved.
+ Permission warning issue resolved.
+ Added some more permissions.
+ Direct Bank Transfer order status update issue resolved.
+ Direct Bank Transfer order transaction issue resolved.
+ Improved Bank receipt security in Direct Bank Transfer. 
+ Address update issue resolved.
+ Boost area wise city filter

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-5">Version 2.0.5</h3><p>( updated on 04-Aug-2021 ) 
+ Added zip code based delivery charges system
+ Resolved system user email not modifying issue
+ Direct Bank transfer Payment method implemented
+ Resolved deactivated product edit issue in backend
+ Resolved cart total count issue
+ Resolved incorrect wallet amount calculation issue.
+ Resolved product price display issue
+ Implemented order outlines on the dashboard
+ Resolved add swatches page error issue
+ Improved ticket chat system attachment UI
+ Other bugs fixes and improvements

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-4">Version 2.0.4</h3><p>( updated on  29-June-2021 ) 
+ Added Attribute Swatches of Colors and Images
+ Added Support Ticketing System.
+ Product Details view page improvments
+ Store Search history locally and show it when user wants to search again.
+ Added Dialouge Animation
+ Bugs fixes and improvements

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-3-2">Version</h3><p>( updated on  3-June-2021 ) 
+ Add order filter option in my order list
+ Add voice search
+ My transaction load more issue solved
+ Fixed categories not showing while add/edit products
+ Fixed other images issue in bulk upload
+ Fixed prices inclusive tax remains "No" always in edit products admin panel
+ Fixed bulk update not working for some columns
+ Fixed single item cancel refund from delivery boy panel and APP, admin APP, user panel and APP
+ Fixed bulk upload product attribute issue
+ Fixed copy relative path for the image
+ Fixed Deleted product_attributes on product delete
+ Output escaping in the address column
+ Added variants in order table items column

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-3-1">Version</h3><p>( updated on  25- May-2021 ) 
+ Added Bulk products update feature
+ Resolved bugs and some PHP higher version compatibility issues
+ Fixed return request not submitting on item or order return from APP and web
+ Fixed Not updating order and item status delivered to return on approval of return request
+ Fixed copy to clipboard relative path

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-3">Version 2.0.3</h3><p>( updated on  21- May-2021 ) 
+ Item-wise payment method selection.
+ Product-wise COD option Enable/Disable.
+ Product comparing feature before buy 
+ See all customer images section of Reviews with images 
+ Added product variant in the cart section and all other screens as well
+ Display Prices including taxes in App
+ Added an option for products with including Taxes or Not
+ OTP validation in delivery boy panel
+ Version update popup dialogue
+ Bulk upload of products
+ Fixed Area wise delivery charges
+ Added Minimum amount for free delivery
+ Fixed getting delivery charge as a refund on cancel item or order even if not paid
+ Improved Media section, Given the upload image feature in the Media model itself
+ Fixed Commission to the delivery boy on the successful order issue
+ Fixed showing other users' records when try to search address table
+ Added promo code and promo discount in orders table admin and delivery boy panel
+ Improved promo apply and validation
+ Dynamic currency symbol orders table header
+ Fixed Register loading only issue when email settings wrong
+ Displayed OTP to the admin and user on the order detail page and added OTP validation in the
 delivery boy panel

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-2">Version 2.0.2</h3><p>( updated on  31- Mar-2021 ) 
+ Upgraded to flutter 2.x
+ Bug fixed and improvements
+ Minimum order quantity and quantity multiplier for individual product2
+ Partially Added COD option product-wise.
+ Add Delivery boy API & Admin App APIs URL in the Client API Keys page
+ Fixed Order or item status change issue after canceled or returned
+ Resolved Stock to minus issue
+ Return of individual item issue resolved. 

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-1">Version 2.0.1</h3><p>( updated on  18- Mar-2021 ) 
+ Paypal payment flow changed
+ Max_ issue resolved. 
+ Refund of amount to the customer wallet on cancellation and return of order issue resolved.
+ Deep linking in background issue solved
+ Promo code issue resolved.
+ Added Email notification on order received and resolved SMTP email issue.

<h3 id="item-description__version-2-0-0">Version 2.0.0</h3><p>( updated on 27-Feb-2021 ) 
+ Added Paytm payment gateway [ new ]
+ Added Flutterwave payment gateway [ new ]
+ Added Wallet & Wallet Recharge options
+ Added Refer & Earn Feature
+ Added Click / Tap event for Offer banners
+ Added Video feature for Product Details / Quick view
+ Added an option to show/hide Add to Cart button outside the product lists
+ Added fill image option for the product item
+ Added Tax Name and Tax Number in Store settings and Invoice
+ Added Warranty Period & Guarantee Period fields for products
+ Added Product Tags and Improved Product Search algorithm
+ Added Pincode in the Order address field
+ Improved page load speed time in backend admin and delivery boy pane
+ Replaced PNG images to SVG icons
+ Implemented order and individual item status update feature in Delivery Boy panel and App
+ Improved invoice with tax information included
+ Bug fixed: Time slots & added edit option
+ Bug fixed: Stock management issue
+ Bug fixed: Order & Item Status update issue in overall system

<h3 id="item-description__version-1-1-2">Version 1.1.2</h3><p>( updated on 31-Jan-2021 ) 

+Fixed timezone settings issue
+Fixed orders counter and orders issue
+Added product variant active / deactivate and trash / restore functionality
+Fixed delivery boy order status 
+Fixed edit product variant
+Improvements and bugs fixes

<h3 id="item-description__version-1-1-1">Version 1.1.1</h3><p>( updated on 29-Jan-2021 ) 

+ Add Stripe Payment Gateway 
+ RTL Support
+ New Theme options (Light / Dark)
+ Add Language options (App level)
+ Firebase Dynamic link for sharing product         
+ Add Contact us page
+ Add List/Grid layout options      
+ Add Downloaded Invoice view options
+ Sub-category product load issue solved
+ Delivery boy app currency symbol added
+ Cart Scrolling issue solved
+ Choose variant issue solved
+ IOS Pod issue solved
+ IOS permission issue solved
+ IOS  review image upload issue solved
+ Notification for a particular product
+ Product variant edit issue resolved.
+ Double value price issue resolved.
+ Bugs fixes and UI improvements.

<h3 id="item-description__version-1-0-1">Version 1.0.1</h3><p>( updated on 15-Jan-2021 ) 
+ Delivery boy app added and improved delivery boy backend.
+ Customer app API bugs fixed
+ Logo issue in-store settings fixed
+ Remember me issue while login in backend resolved
+ Bearer Token added in Client API keys page
+ Bugs fixed and improvements

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