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Booknetic 3.3.2 – WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling

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Booknetic 3.3.2 – WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling As an industry leader among appointment booking plugins for WordPress, we take care of your bookings from bookings to revenue generation. We built fully automated solutions for a diverse range of businesses that rely on scheduling and booking appointments to handle their bookings, encounters, payments, notifications, and website sales in a single place.

Our user-friendly interface ensures that you can easily configure and build the appointment booking system true to your business. Enhanced customization features like form builders and templates aim to prepare your staff for appointments.
Intuitive UI enables your customers to securely and conveniently schedule their appointments via desktop or mobile.
A comprehensive list of features allows you to meet any volume of client base and business operations. With a powerful admin dashboard, you will be on top of your business management.
We are constantly improving our product to provide the solutions our customers need. Every update we make aims to improve customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line.
Once you purchase Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress, you will get the default features and some of the Free add-ons we offer for a limited time. You can always extend your booking capacity by getting other various add-ons or removing unnecessary add-ons.

With the Workflow module, you can automate every action related to your meetings and build your business processes. For example, an email is sent to the customer when an appointment is received, and a Telegram notification is sent to the staff and administrator. Email the Zoom link to the client and Staff 30 minutes before the appointment. After the appointment, you should send the survey form to the Client via Whatsapp, and a POST request should be sent to EXAMPLE_URL via Webhook, change its status to the Archive 1 month after the appointment, etc.
List of actions supported in Workflow:

  1. When a new appointment is added
  2. When the time of the appointment is rescheduled
  3. When the status of the appointment is changed (it is possible to set different combinations according to the previous and new status of the appointment)
  4. At the end of the appointment (also X minutes after the appointment or X minutes before the end)
  5. When a new customer is created

During the above actions, you can activate various triggers. The following is a list of supported triggers:

You can create a seamless and convenient payment experience with this appointment plugin for WordPress. The Booknetic offers native integrations to the most secure and popular payment gateways:

  1. Paypal integration (add-on)
  2. Stripe integration (add-on)
  3. Razorpay integration (add-on)
  4. Square integration (add-on)
  5. Mollie integration (add-on)
  6. Local payments

If you want to get your recipes on the spot from your customers, you can go with local payments. You can activate/deactivate the local payment method as you wish in settings.

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