The Elements of Dedicated Web Hosting

The Elements of Dedicated Web Hosting

Today, many people need a website to run mission-critical business applications or frequently deliver updated content to their users.  If your plans exceed the norm, you will probably expect to perform a lot of business transactions and receive a high volume of traffic.  In order to make sure visitors enjoy a smooth and safe experience on your website, you need a solution that can ensure a superior performance and secure environment.  Dedicated web hosting could be the answer you seek.

How is it Different?

Normally, when you purchase a web hosting plan, you are entering an agreement with a company that requires you to share a web server with other customers.  Even when signing on for a package with unlimited disk storage and bandwidth, you are still limited for the simple fact that other users rely on those same vital resources.  While most people can thrive with this type of arrangement, those who anticipate a lot of traffic usually cannot.  With everyone leaching off server resources, you stand to suffer from a website that experiences significant delays once traffic starts to mount up.

Dedicated web hosting offers the perfect alternative to the limitations of a shared server.  With this type of hosting, you don’t just have a portion of the server, but the entire machine.  There are many advantages to such an arrangement, including the following:

Enhanced Security – Many customers decide to invest in dedicated web hosting because it tends to offer far better security.  With the ability to install your own firewall, intrusion detection and DDoS protection software, you can better assure that people will be protected when visiting your site.

Guaranteed Disk Storage and Bandwidth – When leasing your own server, you are guaranteed all the disk space and bandwidth allocated to the machine.  This gives you a tremendous amount of storage for your images, video and applications, and an ample supply of bandwidth to assure that visitors have no trouble accessing your website at maximum speed.

Unrivaled Control – Having your own server means that you are in complete control.  You have the final say regarding what type of operating system you want to install as well as the web services you choose to run.  Dedicated web hosting allows you to use whatever control panel, mail server and programming languages best suited for your website.

What are the Drawbacks?

The obviously drawback to dedicated web hosting is the price.  When out comparing services, you will see that leasing a server is considerably more expensive than sharing web space with others, which is the road most customers travel.  However, most agree that the enhanced performance, control and security makes up for the extra cost.

Is it Time for Dedicated Hosting?

Only you will know when it is time to invest in a dedicated web hosting plan.  Telltale signs are when you constantly approach the resource limits provided by your current host.  If you can afford the monthly fee and truly have the need for your own server, make the move and take your web presence to the next level.