How Secure is Your Hosting Solution?

How Secure is Your Hosting Solution?

It seems as if everyday, a handful of new companies emerge onto the web hosting scene.  These newcomers have many challenges on their hands.  Not only must they find ways to provide customers with a quality service, but also keep them protected against the wide ranging list of security threats.   Any personal or business website is susceptible to being compromised by hackers seeking confidential information such as login credentials, account numbers, employee records, personal data and other valuable details.  Because all it takes is one successful breach to open up the doors of chaos, it is vital that website owners employ the most efficient security mechanisms and practices on a regular basis.

What Makes Web Hosting Such a Big Target?

Several reports reveal that the web hosting industry is among the biggest targets of internet hackers.  Why?  The answer is quite simple – the potential of a substantial payday.  The market is compromised of thousands of companies that provide services to millions of customers.  The hosting industry is at the forefront of e-commerce with monetary transactions being made everyday.  The robust networks and high-powered web servers used to enable internet access handle massive amounts of sensitive financial and personal information.  Naturally, these infrastructures are a prime target of criminals looking to thieve riches off the efforts of someone else.  If your website deals in mission-critical functions, meaning it is the way you survive and make a living, then security should be of paramount importance.  And while there are several measures you can take to keep your site protected, investing in a secure hosting solution is imperative as the host is in much better position to ensure security.

In recent times, a large number of companies have ramped up their efforts to help keep the hosting business protected from malware, DDoS attacks, SQL injection and other methods hackers use to perform their malicious deeds.  Numerous vendors who distribute the open-source Linux operating system are working in conjunction with other software and hardware companies to ensure their OS is protected against security threats.  Likewise, Microsoft, Apple and companies who distribute proprietary solutions are working diligently to support similar efforts.

Even though the number of security solutions providers seems to be increasing as well, hosting providers need to be aware that not all of these vendors can be trusted.  More and more, we are seeing rogue companies run by hackers and internet criminals who claim to have the solution for a great price, but are doing nothing but contributing to the problem.  Because of this, new hosts must be overly cautious in regard to what vendors are actually supplying.

Obtaining a Comfortably Secure Environment

Some website owners have many specialities but for most, security is not one of them.  While this is understandable, there is absolutely no excuse for a professional web hosting provider, new or established, to slack off in security to the point where all parties involved are left vulnerable.  Your hosting provider should indeed be an expert in this field, equipped with the knowledge and manpower needed to stay on top of security procedures and ensure the protection of your data.  If you have concerns regarding your current hosting arrangement, it might be time to consider a more secure solution.