Genuine Strong SSL Encryption with VeriSign

Genuine Strong SSL Encryption with VeriSign

All websites reside on a web server, which makes them available to internet users for browsing.  However, thanks to the web hosting industry, people don’t have worry about the complexities of setting up and maintaining their own.  In fact, most website owners lease their web server space and associated resources from either an Internet Service Provider or web hosting provider at a very reasonable price.  These companies offer a wide range of services that facilitate the hosting, development, design and promotion of your online presence.

Indeed, getting a website is easier and more affordable than it has ever been before.  When considering all the features and services that can help to make your site successful, you should never forget about one of the most important aspects - security.  If your plans involve creating a site that collectives sensitive information from visitors or customers, you need to know that this information is at great risk unless it is secured during the transmission phase.  The internet provides anyone who has a method of connectivity with access to the World Wide Web, hackers and other cyber criminals included.  Aware of all the scams and security breaches, customers are increasingly searching for signs of security before they decide to share sensitive data with a website.  If you want to instill trust within your visitors to the point where they feel comfortable handing over their user names, passwords, contact details and credit card numbers and other confidential information, it is a must that you make sure your website transactions are secure.  The solution - SSL encryption.

Why Verisign?

An SSL certificate is a security mechanism that provides website visitors with the ability to confirm that a particular site belongs to the organization or individual they intend to communicate with.  Most importantly, it provides exceptional protection for the sensitive data they transmit over the internet.  While there are a number of Certificate Authorities to choose from, Verisign is a leading provider and among the most reliable.  Certificates produced by this internet security firm offer a strong level of encryption and its VeriSign Secured Seal has become the must trusted mark on the World Wide Web.

VeriSign Products

VeriSign offers a number of products to ensure the security of your website transactions.  Two of its most popular offerings include:

Secure Site Pro with EV - You can give your customers the confidence they need to make purchases with VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV, VeriSign’s most popular SSL product.  EV (Extended Validation) displays a green address bar in the web browser indicating the legitimacy of the site while true 128-bit ensures that their personal information is completely secure.

Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates - With this VeriSign product, you can transmit sensitive data with protection from the strongest SSL encryption possible.  Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates offers the option of 128 and 256-bit encryption to provide your customers with the utmost security.

You can get yourself an SSL certificate directly from VeriSign or request one from your web hosting provider.  Either way, you will be rewarded with the most rigorous authentication and security methodology in the industry.